VapeSoul 1500 Puff Tobacco Free Nicotine Vape

USB Charging Port

5mL Tank Capacity

600mAH Battery

1.6 Ohm Resistance

Let Your Soul Smile

We’re here for a good time, not a long time. Life can be a challenge though. So take a moment for yourself away from the stress of the day. With 10 delicious and unique flavors of our VapeSoul 1500 Puff, you’re sure to find one to take you there. Where you can escape and do a re-set.

Clear your mind and refresh yourself, then go do you. And Let Your Soul Smile.

Ten Amazing Flavors

VapeSoul 1500 Puff is available in TEN delicious flavors to match everyone’s favorite tastes. The salted nicotine adds an icy touch to each variety.


Apple Ice

Energy Ice

Peach Ice

Strawberry Banana Ice

Lush Ice

Mixed Berry Ice

Banana Ice

Orange Ice

Strawberry Ice


There are about 1500 puffs in each VapeSoul disposable. One of the best features of the VapeSoul disposable is you can keep charging the battery until the liquid runs out giving you plenty of puffs!

5% salt nicotine in each VapeSoul disposable.

Instead of combining mass (in mg) and volume (in mL) to determine nicotine strength, percentages of nicotine use the volumes of both. In simple terms, figures like 5% just tell you how much of the liquid in the bottle is nicotine.

Yes, the indicator light on the bottom on device will begin to flash when the disposable's battery is low.

Since you can recharge VapeSoul disposables, it may be a little harder to determine if it is time to get another. Typically, you will notice a gradual loss of flavor until it tastes like cotton. At that point, the cotton wick in the device is not saturated with juice anymore and will produce a lack of flavor.

It is draw-activated, so no buttons to push and no voltages to adjust. Just draw (suck) on the mouthpiece and the device will begin producing vapor.

It may be a defective unit. Contact the warranty department at [email protected] or call 877-831-2917.


The VapeSoul 1500 Puff is available for online purchase via one of the the stores below.